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Thursday, 5 February 2009

Timeshare complaints rise

THE timeshare pigeons have come home to roost, five or so years since complaints about the industry's hard-sell tactics soared.

Now, a new batch of grouses is hatching, this time by consumers who are still waiting for promised payouts or finding it difficult to claw back their investments - not only in timeshares, but other purchases from gold to beauty packages.

Complaints lodged with the Consumers Association of Singapore (Case) against cashback schemes have shot up dramatically in the last six years, from two cases in 2003, to 62 last year. So far this year, there are already five.

Most of them have to do with timeshare companies, which have topped Case's list of consumer complaints for the last decade.


Timeshare Relief said...

While some of this could really be a bunch of scams there were really a list of legit companies who's offering the best service so you can best enjoy your timeshare vacation

Timeshare Relief said...

There are really a lot of complaint rising with timeshare companies this could be due to the fact that some of its offers are purely scams which just wanted to sell timeshares only

cheyenne said...

So many time share owners has lots of timeshare complaints upfront fees, annual maintenance fee and etc… etc… etc…that make the life of the time share owner miserable instead of they will have a happy vacation each time they schedule it ahead of time they already paying money for the maintenance and all things needed in the time shared vacation.

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