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What is the No. 1 IMPORTANT decision ALL successful people make?

First thing first, what is the very FIRST thing you need to decide before everything else?

You should be asking yourself:
What job would I love so much that I would do it for free but that I could actually get paid for?

Whatever the answer may be, that is the job that you should be working towards to.

And of course the most important question we need to ask ourselves is this:
What is my life purpose? I believe each of us is born with a life purpose.

Without a purpose in life, you would likely wander and drift, moving from one thing to another, moving from one job to another.... accomplishing little and the WORST thing is that you will not have a sense of FULFILLMENT and BLISS.

Finding out their own purpose (passion) and pursuing their purpose is perhaps the most important action successful people take.

Have you heard of the saying that successful people make decisions quickly?

Have you wondered why are they able to do so, while most people would procrastinate and dilly dally?

The reason is th…

Four tips for staying on recruiters' radars for new job opportunities

Rejected by Your Dream Employer? How to Follow Up to Win an Offer

by Sarah E. Needleman
Friday, April 6, 2007 provided by Passed over for a job you really want? Hold off throwing in the towel just yet."If there's an organization you really want to work for, don't let your first rejection be your defining moment," says Shelia Gray, director of global talent acquisition for International Paper Co., a forest-products manufacturer based in Stamford, Conn. "Continue to pursue the organization."Within days of being denied a marketing-associate internship at L'Oréal USA Inc. last spring, Andy Rah, 32, urged recruiters in an email to label him a backup candidate. "I said that I was really disappointed because the company was my No. 1 choice and asked them to reconsider me if somebody backs out or if another position opens up," says the M.B.A. at Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business. A week later, the New York-based company retrac…

Internet Scams Revealed by Singapore Newspaper!!

Internet scams flourishing 28 May 2007Straits Times
(c) 2007 Singapore Press Holdings Limited Internet fraudsters snare new victims every day. Khushwant Singh gives the lowdown on some time-tested ploys and uncovers some newer schemes The 'Nigerian scam'How it is done First concocted by a Nigerian scammer, one version has a supposed African official offering a big cut if you could help 'unfreeze' millions in a late bureaucrat's bank account. But here is the catch: You have to pay cash up front to cover some transaction costs. More money is requested, 'snags' occur, and your money is gone. Conned Last year, 12 Singaporeans were cheated of $676,400 in this way - more than double the $327,000 lost by five victims in 2005. In 2004, the figure was $78,400. Many other victims may be too embarrassed to come forward. Tips Be wary of get-rich-quick offers, say police. Contact the Commercial Affairs Department (CAD) on 6325-0000 if you smell a ruse. Online auct…

Interesting comments to share :)

Jonathan Says:
Hey janny. mmm how much money per month ur making from such programs??? btw how bout ur job in ur firm??Janny Cole Says:
Hey jon…:)i average about $500 per month…on good months i can earn up to $2000 :)well..that’s just some extra “effortless” money to make my life more comfortable..may not seem much to you though…anyway i always mention that these are not get rich quick schemes…you either spend a bit of money to invest on them or join them free and invest some time and effort in the initial stages and you will have income rolling in without sustaining your effort all the time…which is what earning passive income is all aboutso far people who sign up for the programmes through reading my blog postings..have came back to me to express their appreciation…again i gotta mention they are not millionaires now…but they are living a more comfortable life like me now…if assume i do this full time, i would of course expect a higher earning…maybe i would consider after im sick of my…

How to Land That Dream Job When You Lack Certain Skills

Hello everyone!

Finally got time to blog a bit...

Below is an article which I think will interest most of us who are working or going to start work soon :)


by Sarah E. Needleman

Jeremy Atkins doesn't have a shred of artistic talent, but he still enjoys many of the benefits he would get as a successful comic-book illustrator.Mr. Atkins, 30 years old and a collector of comics since childhood, gets free passes to trade shows, discounts on his favorite toys and the chance to hobnob with such industry luminaries as Frank Miller, creator of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. The perks come with his job as director of publicity for Dark Horse Comics Inc.If you are passionate about a certain industry but lack the skills commonly associated with its most visible leaders, you can try to pursue a career working on the sidelines. Being behind the scenes may offer more than just the opportunity to score freebies and gain exposure to your dream industry's sup…

You Don’t Have to Be Einstein to Get Rich

Hi all,The article below will remind you of an article I posted a while ago titled something like “Average Joe can also get rich..etc” Why Smart People make Bad Financial Moves…Here’s another reminder to myself…an average Jane…and to everyone who might be average but unique in your own ways :)====================================By Selena MaranjianPop quiz! What factors help determine how wealthy you’ll become in life? I initially guessed that education, intelligence, skills, and socioeconomic origin played a role.OhioState economics professor Jay Zagorsky suggests different factors: “Staying married, not getting divorced, thinking about savings.” Wow.Not only did he not list intelligence, he went on to note that “intelligence really isn’t one of the key driving forces. In fact, people at the middle of the smarts spectrum have the fewest money problems.”What’s going on?
When I read about his findings from a study of 7,500 middle-aged Americans, I was surprised. It seems that the smarter…

Do not despair if you are not the fittest.

When most of us hear the phrase, “survival of the fittest,” we assume it originated with Charles Darwin. It did not. The phrase doesn’t exist anywhere in Darwin’s first edition of Origin of the Species. It was actually coined by Herbert Spenser, a British economist, who used it in his 1864 book Principles of Biology.Here’s another fallacy: Being the fittest doesn’t guarantee survival. In fact, the “survival of the fittest” paradigm simply isn’t true in nature or business. For the last decade, I have tracked the research into ecology and complex systems theory and have teased out nature’s lessons on competition and survival. What I’ve found are some surprising and counterintuitive insights that companies, both large and small, can use to compete.The first piece of research for your consideration took almost 20 years to gather. On an island in the Panama Canal, a team of Princeton researchers led by Stephen Hubbell explored a simple but very important question: When a tree falls in the …

Current Risks in the Stock Market

The article below will tell you why I am into alternative ways of generating sources of passive income rather than look to the Stock Market.====================================================By Jorge MaloIf you pick up the newspaper or see the news on TV, you probably noted that the Dow Jones Index is making new highs almost everyday. Everybody is happy, and as soon as the Dow closed above 13.000 for the same time, some analyst started to talk about the index going to 14.000 in 2007. Remember the year 2000?Probably the main difference between the year 2000 and 2007 is the excess liquidity that today exists in the markets around the World. That excess liquidity has to be invested somewhere, and since the US economy is still considered a safe haven in the World of investments, sounds like a good idea to invest in the stock market where you can expect higher returns than the 3% or 4% you can get on US Treasury Bonds or bank CDs. The problem with this theory is the risks you are talking …

Wealth Building: Six Keys

By Scott HoveThere are keys to wealth and success that those who have attained them understand. If you wish to build wealth and achieve success then it’s crucial to implement the keys discussed below.Here, then, are six things that the successful understand and implement. As you read them, please understand that you can practice them too!1. They believe in themselves!Successful people believe nothing can stop them from reaching their goals – financial and otherwise. They do what is necessary to reach those goals. That means they even do things they dislike or take on tasks that seem impossible.You can sense their self-belief and can almost see it when they enter a room. Successful people exhibit a high level of self-confidence that is contagious. Most are optimistic and maintain a positive outlook even when life is tough. Their confidence is not easily shaken by external factors. They see opportunities in problems!2. They learn from people who have achieved more than they have!Success…

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Can Money Buy Happiness?

Have you ever wondered whether money can really buy happiness? You might have some sense of the answer, but nobody to confirm your suspicions…now the article below will assist you on this :)======================================Money Can’t Buy Happiness?
This Blogger Begs to Differ
By Gretchen Rubin

From The Wall Street Journal OnlineMoney can’t make people stay in love, connect with friends or enjoy a hike in the woods. But money, spent wisely, can contribute greatly to happiness.Recent articles in the news media tackle the money-happiness connection. A study this summer in Science magazine showed that when participants were asked to record the previous day’s activities and describe their moods, being wealthier didn’t have great impact on their moment-to-moment experience.A different sort of study presents another picture. According to a Pew Research Center 2006 report, the percentage of people who declare themselves “very happy” goes up as family income rises. People were asked: “Taken…

You think you are an average Joe or Jane? No fear…rejoice now!

Why Smart People Make Bad Financial Movesby Laura RowleySmart people can be boneheads when it comes to accumulating wealth, and the average Joe can become the millionaire next door.That’s the finding of a study by Jay Zagorsky, a research scientist at the OhioStateUniversity, who examined the relationship between IQ and wealth.Intelligence Doesn’t Ensure WealthWhile Mensa members score bigger paychecks, they aren’t more likely than average folk to transform their take-home pay into wealth. “Smarter people tend to get paid more on the job, but there’s no relationship between intelligence and net worth when holding other factors constant,” says Zagorsky, whose report was published in the journal Intelligence.The research looks at a group of about 7,500 baby boomers who have been repeatedly interviewed since their teens as part of the government’s National Longitudinal Survey of Youth. Back in the 1980s, the Department of Defense asked the group to take its general aptitude test so it co…

7 Steps to Financial Freedom Part 2

As promised, I’m sharing Part 2 of 7 Steps to Financial Freedom below. 5th Cure“Own your own home and make of your home a profitable investment.”Why is owning our house a good way of managing our money? Well, if you think about it, all of us need a shelter and we can either buy or rent our home. Rentals only serve to fatten the purse of the landlord and is an expenditure which we can’t get back any RETURNS. So, it makes sense to own our home. Besides, having a place to call our own will put confidence in our heart and motivates us to put in greater effort in all our endeavours.Of course, it should be noted that buying a property is actually a very RISKY decision. Why? Because if you bought at a high price, when prices subsequently drop below your purchase price, you would have negative networth - ie. your asset is less than what you paid for. In some cases, people end up in bankruptcy because of failure to keep up their housing loan repayments.But owning your house can also be a very …

7 Steps to Financial Freedom Part 1

Hi all,It’s been another tiring week of work for me but still Financial Freedom does not leave my mind….therefore…. I present to you 7 steps to Financial Freedom! 7 is an easy number to remember right? heh heh…You may read elsewhere about 5 steps, 10 steps or 100 steps to financial freedom, but I feel these 7 steps are really the essence compiled by ancient wisdom. These are really the timeless universal values for getting wealthy.I will provide at the end of the article below my modern interpretation and implementation of these 7 values……This post will reveal the first 4 values….enjoy :)====================================================Courtesy of Dennis NgIf you want to improve your finances, “The Seven Cures For A Lean Purse” may interest you. It’s from the Book entitled “The richest man in Babylon”. “The Seven Cures for A Lean Purse” are actually ways whereby we can manage our money better and accumulate wealth and NOT 7 ways to get rich quick. I find it quite interesting, thoug…

Do you want to get into Goldman Sachs?

Hi all…I found this article on getting into Goldman Sachs. By the way, my professional specialization is management consulting for the financial services industry….so my life’s not only about slimming down and making money online…hahah and…I hope that makes me less bimbo-ish? hahaAnyway, for those who are fascinated about Goldman Sachs as “The Firm” to get into…the article below may prove useful to you :)====================================================Want to land a job at ‘The Firm’? Here’s how, by those who’ve done it before.1) Interview again and again (and again)Most front-office banking jobs involve a handful of interviews. Jobs at Goldman involve a dumper-truck full. We spoke to one former executive director at the bank, who joined as an associate back in the late 1990s. He had 47 interviews for the role.“Back in those days, there was a real feeling that hiring by consensus was the way to go,” he says. “Two people tried to veto me and I had to re-interview with them and conv…

Top 3 Revealed Free Tips on How to Explode Your Online Business

Hey people, I found another treasure for internet marketing….“Everyday Google sells several $10 million’s in pay-per-clicks.”You may be amazed at this fact but…Do you realise the amount of costs incurred by so many people in their internet marketing pursuits?I hope you realise that obviously the very BEST way to increase profits is to eliminate or greatly reduce costs in the promotion of your business — this means doing away with the cost of advertising. This is quite common sense.In the light of this, I can going to reveal to you…“The 3 most important strategies you MUST do right now in order to EXPLODE your online business!”There are many strategies you can use to build a successful online business harnessing the true power of the Internet.But from among them there are just 3 principle strategies you must use that will forever put you above and beyond your competition, allow you to promote any product you want, and allow you to gain online riches faster than most everyone else!Strat…