Commercial real estate

The government's last-ditch efforts to prevent a $1 trillion collapse in commercial real estate are doomed to fail.

But a 372-year-old investing technique could not only work to protect your wealth... but could also make you a fortune during this crisis!

Dear Reader,

It's been around for the last 20 years.

And even though the U.S. Government won't officially acknowledge its existence, it's about to make you an absolute fortune.

It's called the Plunge Protection Team -- and the secretive committee's primary responsibility is to manipulate the U.S. financial markets and prevent devastating collapses.

But here's the critical part:

The Plunge Protection Team - at this very moment - is pushing the U.S. market artificially higher... but not for much longer.

You see - they've exhausted nearly every trick they know just to push the Dow back toward 9000... in search of a solution for an imminent market collapse that could have a devastating effect on the U.S. economy.

But the fundamental collapse of one market in particular is as close to a sure thing as there can be.

It's the Commercial Real Estate Market. And there's nothing anyone in Washington can do to prevent its complete demise.

The potential exists for not only $1 trillion worth of damage and defaults - but also a collapse of the banking system... a stock market crash... and soaring unemployment rates.

The cracks in the foundation of the commercial real estate market are simply too deep for anyone - including the famous "Plunge Protection Team" - to prevent a total disaster.

I've got the numbers and scary details to prove it. But I also want to make one thing abundantly clear...

This crisis doesn't have to wipe YOU out. As a matter of fact - as long as you see it coming and take a few simple steps - you'll actually see it as one of the biggest profit opportunities of your lifetime.

How is it possible for you to actually make a fortune as a direct result of a historic market collapse?

The answer lies in a special type of investment that has been in existence for 372 years. It's a simple investment that allows you to not only survive a market disaster - but also collect double- and triple-digit profits all along the way.

I've just put the finishing touches on four new research reports that spells out exactly how you can take advantage of this centuries-old investment to capitalize on...

I'll show you how you can claim your copy of these reports - FREE of charge - in just a moment.

First, though, I need to tell you why...

The Commercial Real Estate Collapse
Could Cripple the Markets
Listen - I'm no doom-and-gloomer. Not by any stretch. I love a roaring economy and a fast-moving bull market in stocks as much as anyone.

But I have to call things the way I see them.

And there's nothing that can prevent the commercial real estate market from an historic collapse. You see, the potential damage of a catastrophic drop in commercial real estate values could total more than $1 trillion.

"Losses from commercial real estate are the next economic shoe to drop."
- TIME, 4/22/09

"Next Crisis: Commercial Real Estate"
- Fortune, 2/23/09 At best, we're a few months away from this market explosion. At worst, it could be happening even as you read this letter.

But don't just take my word for it. Here's what one of the most respected commercial real estate strategists in the U.S. said on national television recently...

"When you talk about the banking sector, we're talking about a major impact, another blow to the belly of the banking sector when commercial real estate really hits. We've just seen the tip of the iceberg so far." - Phillip F. Blumberg, chairman and CEO of Blumberg Capital Partners on CNBC 5/14/09

It's vitally important that you take the steps needed to prepare yourself now.

Failure to prepare for this coming disaster could lead to devastating losses in the stock market or your retirement account.

But by taking a few simple steps - which I'll tell you all about below - you can position yourself to receive large payouts while the commercial real estate market nosedives. Best of all... these payouts are 100% legal and potentially unlimited in size and number.

Here's what I mean...

Because of a lethal combination of soaring vacancies... declining property values... and an inability to refinance - commercial property owners are in deep, deep trouble.

And with a commercial real estate market currently valued at more than $6.5 trillion - it's easy to see why the U.S. Government is highly motivated to prevent a collapse.

A collapse of the commercial real estate market would serve as a final "death" blow to the nation's banking system (which has nearly $2 trillion worth of exposure)... crash the U.S. stock market... and effectively cripple the operating capacity of the Obama administration.

They've done a fair job of holding things together for the moment... but that's about to all come crashing down in a huge way.


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