Singapore property to collpase

These are big conglomerates and I prefer to trust them over real estate agencies or developer reports. In fact, I dont need them to tell me property price is heading south. As long as November 2007 last year, I can sense the market is cooling down and heading for an eventual collapse.

Guys what we about to see is a real collapse in Singapore property. Why I said that ? Most of the sellers are still dreaming of selling their units at record prices which are unattainable considering that recession is coming while rental is cooling down and many thousands of units coming into the market soon. So as a result of them still holding on to their units, they will actually bring up the number of available units for sale or rent in the market. And these numbers will blow up like a big bubble waiting to explode.

At times, some sellers will have no choice but to get rid of their units due to financial reasons, but for some who are financially strong, they will try to hold as long as possible only to see the situation getting worst with more and more units for sale including their units...and buyers getting lesser and lesser with the recession and economic slowdown coming. The number of enbloc buyers will also disappear as they will have already bought all their new homes. Speculators will no longer come in cause they dont see the potential of making money from buying Singapore property now. They will not come back until property price is adjusted by 40-50%.

As such, we now only have real genuine buyers in need of a home and these people naturally are not willing to part with their money in a big way. In addition, the government will promise to allocate more lands for B&D HDBs which might make them more attractive for genuine home owners.

Eventually, market collapse will happen. Cause we will have a situation of 20 or more sellers and only 1 buyer. And by then, seller will dig their own graves. Upon seeing the grave situation, major funds will start dumping their units which they buy in blocks, while foreigners will start selling their units here when they realise their units cannot get 5% or more in ROIs. Many of the foreigners and foreign funds have been duped into buying prime units with the hopes of capital appreciation and high rentals. When these do not materialise, see whats their next actions !

....Extracted from the S'pore Property Forum


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