Financial Planner says market will rise again...

Courtesy of Dennis Ng

I read the article written by Christopher Tan of Providend entitled:"Lesson from History: The market will rise again".

My comments:
1. of course everyone knows one day the market will rise again. However, if you really think about it, rather than sitting through the entire ups and downs of the markets like a roller-coaster, a person would have made much more money by getting out of the market when it was near the peak and getting back in again when it is near the bottom?

Give you one example, if last year I didn't sell my Tiong Woon shares at S$1 and held on, today I will be holding Tiong Woon's shares back at 34 cents......I would have sat through the entire roller coaster ride (up and down) with NO Profits to show for it.

2. He also mentioned invest during Crsis. This is something I advocate. However, the problem is most Financial Planners, including Christopher Tan, advocate on keeping your money invested. If you had all your money invested, now that the market is lower, do you still have Cash to invest? The answer is NO.

Thus, unless a person has built up an Opportunity Fund (something I repeatedly emphasize its importance), you're likely to only stare at Opportunities but cannot do anything at all, you just let the Opportunities pass you by becos you have NO Opportunity Fund to begin with!

I made over 300% returns in last 5 years, and managed to avoid most of the market downfall in the last 8 months since I've taken profits and shifted most of my money into Cash before the market downturn.

Thus, I'm quite interested to know just how much returns did Financial Advisory firms such as Providend help their clients make in the last 5 years of Glorious Bull Run. If they made anything less (since STI also went up almost 300%), then what for pay them Wrap account fee for helping you manage your money. You can simply buy STI ETF and still get the same result at a much lower cost.

How many Wealth managers out there are really growing clients' wealth? How many are just happily managing other people's money and getting rich by charging the annual fees for fund under management year after year?


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