TOP 5 THINGS you should look for in a Wholesale Directory

Hi, this is kinda last minute..but yeah I am into buying cheap stuff in bulk and selling them online or offline. It’s more of a hobby, but we will see if it contributes to my journey towards financial freedom.

My recommended Wholesale Directory: -=SaleHoo=-

So far, I have only found SaleHoo to be the only wholesale directory which meets all the criteria listed below.

Do you know the TOP 5 THINGS you should look for in a Wholesale Directory..?

1) MUST have a huge variety of goods including Products

* Must have suppliers for at least 75 categories of goods.

* Must have listed manufacturers, wholesalers and dropshippers

* Must have legitimate and authentic suppliers for both generic goods and brand-name goods, including at least Gucci, Prada, D&G, Versace, Polo, YSL, Seven, etc.

* Must have staff working 7 days a week, available to answer your questions and find suppliers if they’re not already listed in our directories.

2) MUST list legitimate, reliable suppliers.

* All wholesalers must meet minimum standards of service, especially secure payment methods.

* Must anonymously purchase from different suppliers and then rate them on price, speed, quality and service!

* Must have ratings from other members as well as INDEPENDENT REVIEWERS

* Must list the good suppliers, and also the ones not recommend. Knowing who you can’t trust is as important as knowing who you can trust.

3) MUST cater for home businesses wanting low order quantities.

* Must have suppliers for you regardless of how much of an item you’re wanting to buy. 1 item or 1000.

* Must have a large directory of dropshippers more than willing to supply single items or small quantities.

4) MUST update list regularly.

* New wholesalers, manufacturers and dropshippers added daily.

* Directory screened and updated weekly to ensure supplier information is correct.

* Must have reviews from other users for the latest experiences with suppliers.

5) MUST be a proven, trusted source of information with a guarantee.

* Must be a member of the BBB OnLine Reliability program and the Better Internet Bureau.

* Must be a verified merchant of the Fair Trade Authority (FTA).

* Must offer a money-back guarantee.

All this means you can be confident that you’re dealing with a legitimate business. Your information is safe. Your payment is secure, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. You have a water-tight satisfaction guarantee.

Below is a wholesale directory which my friends and I am currently using and recommend:


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