Interesting comments to share :)

Jonathan Says:

Hey janny. mmm how much money per month ur making from such programs??? btw how bout ur job in ur firm??

Janny Cole Says:

Hey jon…:)

i average about $500 per month…on good months i can earn up to $2000 :)

well..that’s just some extra “effortless” money to make my life more comfortable..may not seem much to you though…

anyway i always mention that these are not get rich quick schemes…you either spend a bit of money to invest on them or join them free and invest some time and effort in the initial stages and you will have income rolling in without sustaining your effort all the time…which is what earning passive income is all about

so far people who sign up for the programmes through reading my blog postings..have came back to me to express their appreciation…again i gotta mention they are not millionaires now…but they are living a more comfortable life like me now…

if assume i do this full time, i would of course expect a higher earning…maybe i would consider after im sick of my full time job haha..and just work at home at my own flexible timing…oh yeah another thing..though i do recommend…don’t just take my words…try to do some research on your own…but again sometimes information you found may not be true…

there are some very good honest and profitable programmes being called scam by people..who are simply too lazy to put in effort and expect money to appear in their bank accounts right after they join…so it’s important to get your expectations right..if not through senseless rumour-mongering…you might just deny others of the chance to lead a more comfortable life.

actually for my case…i didnt really thought too much though i did done some due diligence before investing or joining any of these programmes… most importantly…i used my spare cash for these activities...and not much was spent and everything turned out well and good…so sometimes one really got to take a leap…and of course if you are using spare cash..then you wont feel that bad a pinch, should things dont turn out well…


The above comment are just some words from the bottom of my heart…all impromptu. Below are the programmes that I recommend all these while :-

- The Rich Jerk - Builds knowledge in marketing leading to wealth

- Email Cash Pro - Mainly builds wealth through minimal effort input and join at absolutely zero cost!

- Get Google Ads Free - Mainly builds specialist marketing knowledge

- SaleHoo Wholesale Directory - Builds supplies for your trading business (Both online and offline)

Feel free to click on them to find out more and if you are interested can join them at a very low fee or free! Low cost and they build you a solid foundation for generating passive income for years to come….


One small note: You may find some of the presentation on the websites of the above programmes to be dubious…that’s the feeling i get at first also..i guess as these programmes are mostly American created and owned…the presentation is a bit more “glaring” for Asians

In any case, I took the leap and joined them to find out that they do provide solid knowledge and resources...and at the end of the day…sometimes it’s seriously how useful YOU want to make these knowledge and resources to be for your own benefit. you can choose to join them and just do nothing about them..or you can actively implement / execute them….so that they can work (i.e. generate passive income) for you in the future…:)


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