Son sold her house and elopes with China girl

For the last three months, not a single visitor came to visit Mrs Xu at the old folks home where she lives.

The former housewife, now 65, told Chinese evening daily Shin Min Daily News that life used to be much better for her when her husband was still alive. Then, her husband was still working and life was comfortable.

Even though she had several aliments including heart disease, arthritis, hypertension and suffered from high cholesterol, her medical care was taken care of.

Three years after her husband passed away in 1992, life took a turn for the worse for Mrs Xu. Her son got to know a girl from China and was soon spending all his earnings on his new girlfriend.

"One day, he gave me a document written in English and asked me to sign it. I didn't know what it was for, as I am illiterate. This was how I unknowingly signed an agreement to sell our three-room Ang Mo Kio flat." Mrs Xu told Shin Min.

"My son never gave me an living expenses, but he was more than willing to give all the money he profited from the sale of the flat to his China girlfriend. Later on, this girlfriend returned to China and my son lost all contact with her. It was only then did he realize that he was cheated of his money."

It was also during this time that Mrs Xu was admitted into hospital after suffering a fall. During her two-month stay, no one visited her.

When she was discharged, her flat had been sold and left with no where to turn to, Mrs Xu found herself living at a home for the aged. Her son was nowhere to be found.

According to Shin Min, Mrs Xu understood that her son had gotten to know another China woman and eloped to China with his new girlfriend.

The former housewife also told Shin Min that she has a daughter, a granddaughter and sibilings, but have not seen them for months or even years.

The 65-year-old said that her son had a daughter with his first wife, but her daughter-in-law was biased and disliked girls, and left the family, leaving the child in Mrs Xu's care. Shin Min understands that this granddaughter is now under the care of the state.

"I also have a daughter who should be 29 this year." Mrs Xu told Shin Min, "But had not visited me in the last three months."

Mrs Xu said that her daughter is employed and lives in a Jurong East flat. However, she had only ever given her mother $10 in pocket money.

Showing the reporter her gnarled hands that she says were deformed by arthritis. Mrx Xu attributes their current condition to having spent long hours in her youth washing her siblings' clothes.It seemed that her past work, however, was not recognized.

"It's been three years since any of my siblings came to visit me at the home."


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