Industries with Highest Proportion Earning 5-Figure Monthly Income

Which are the industries that pay the highest monthly salaries?

We’ll look specifically at the industries that has the highest proportion of employees making $10k or more in monthly income.

The results are derived from recently released data from MOM.

At number 1, we have “Financial & Insurance Services”. A whopping 17.3% of employed residents working in this industry are making $10,000 & over in gross monthly income. The income includes all bonuses.

In contrast, the proportion of such high earners across all industries is only 4.7%.

At number 2, we have “Professional, Scientific & Technical Services”. But only 10.4% here are making 5-figure salaries a month.

Coming in close at number 3 is “Information & Communications”, with 10.0% making $10k+ per month.

There you have it. The top 3 industries.

Does it mean that if you’re in these industries, you’ll have a higher chance of making $10k+? You think so? …

Reference: Statistical Table 58, Report on Labour Force in Singapore 2007, Ministry of Manpower (link)


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