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Saturday, 5 January 2013

HDB Flat and the ONE

Courtesy of a male friend on FB :)

Agree that the flat does play a big part in rushing the couple towards marriage. But it actually goes deeper into a subconscious need for stability and privacy after marriage. At the same time, there is always the question of "Is he the ONE? Will there be a better ONE out there?" This is where the girl's age may make a difference. No offence to younger girls, but girls nearing thirties or in their thirties should generally have their character, preferences and life experiences more or less formed/settled. The question of "Is he the ONE?" may have lost its relevance somewhat, and the more senior girl would have found contentment (and possibly happiness) in accepting her current partner, rather than seeking a possibly imaginery ONE. This may however appear to be a sad state of resignation from the perspective of the more idealistic girl in her early twenties. Feel free to disagree with my analysis, as I would certainly like to hear more perspectives.


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