Recession driving Singapore motorists to be more fuel efficient

SINGAPORE : Singapore drivers are taking more steps to make their cars more fuel efficient.

And according to a recent consumer survey by Shell, the economic crisis might be to blame for that.

Two years ago, one out of every four drivers was conscious of how fuel efficient their car was.

Now, Singapore drivers are three times more likely to be aware of fuel efficiency.

They pay an average of S$200 for about 130 litres of fuel each month, and they said saving money is what drives them to make their car more fuel efficient.

Industry experts said practising simple fuel efficiency tips can potentially save drivers an average of S$48 a month. These tips include servicing your car engine regularly, making sure your tyres are at the right pressure, and avoiding excess weight in your car.

Other tips include taking the roof rack off your car, checking the car’s air filters, using the correct type of fuel for your vehicle, checking the seal on your fuel cap, planning your trips, keeping calm and keeping hydrated for better focus and concentration.

"These fuel tips basically help them change their driving habits. And many of the consumers said they want to but they don’t know how to," said Henry Chu, general manager of Sales & Operations with Shell Eastern Petroleum.

The study also showed that more Singaporeans have taken such steps to make their cars more fuel efficient — from 59 per cent in 2007 to 77 per cent in 2009.

They are also more willing to change their driving habits to save more fuel. Some 83 per cent of them said they would do so — higher than the global average of 78 per cent.

The survey polled motorists in six countries including Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Netherlands and Germany. — CNA /ls


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