Courtesy of CNA forummer "2suns"

As a contributer in revealed, the current stock bubble is driven by the liquidity from two sources: 1) expansion of debt in Japan (i.e. yen carry trades) and 2) sales of commodity contracts. Many hedge funds lost a lot of clients and a lot of money because most of their clients have already redeemed their investments following the subprime-related market crash. In order to continue to survive, they need to raise capital from you and your government. As I said in another thread before the market open, the stock market will continue to rally on bad news because the elites have not raised enough capital from you to pay off their debt. Bear in mind that the liquidity party will not last forever. And bear in mind that the current rally (so-called election rally) is designed to benefit a selected few individuals. After those elites raise enough capital from you, they will take down the stock markets again.


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