The Wisdom of Abey

1. Money alone will not make you happy. Living an "authentic life" will. People have more money today than 50 years ago, yet are no more happy.

2. Have a financial plan for you, not your money. Those with a financial plan report greater satisfaction with life than those who do not.

3. Your plan should be based on your goals, not goals someone else says you should have. Those selling dreams are probably trying to sell you something else.

4. Understand the Prize. Over the long term, cash makes a real return of 0%-1%, bonds 1%-3%, property (without leverage) 3%-5% and shares 5%-8%.

5. Understand the "enemy within". You are wired to make bad investment decisions, and your financial plan needs to defeat that.

6. Beware false accounting. An investment you bought for $100 5 years ago, and sold for $150 yesterday, but cost you $4 to buy, $10 in finance interest costs, and $11 to maintain and insure, made a 25%, not a 50% return.

7. Drip feed money into the market so you do not worry about short term ups and downs. You will be buying in both.

8. Do not attempt to case fads or time the market. You will fall, unless you are lucky. Very few people are consistently lucky.

9. Do not watch your investments constantly. Review annually.

10. Have a financial planner. Make sure he is not a commission salesman.


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