Tips Of The Month - Ancient Wisdom That May Change Your Life

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Recently, I heard a story from a self-made multimillionaire. The moral of the story is profound. I hope you can learn something from it.

Here's the story......

A sage challenged his students with a question. The question is "Assuming that you have piece of land full of weed, propose what you would do to get rid of the weed."

One student suggested to pull out the weed by hand. One said use a shovel is faster. Another said why not we just burn the weed.

"The answers are all wrong," said the sage. "The answer is to farm the land."

The moral of the story......

We all face problems everyday. Problems are just like weed. They will grow regardless of how you remove them. When facing problems, most people will think of ways to solve the problem, just like the sage's students who proposed to use hand, shovel and fire to remove weed. Regardless of what they do, new weed will continue to grow and there is no end to this.

Instead of focusing on how to solve the problem, we should focus on how to ADVANCE from the problem. As what the sage said, the solution to get rid of weed is to farm the land. What he meant was to develop the land. Once the land was developed, weed would no longer be a problem. He didn't solve the problem directly, but the problem would no longer be a problem when he developed the land. In other words, instead of solving the problem, he made good of the entire situation so that he didn't even have to waste time solving the problem, which was just a trivial matter. This is what I mean by ADVANCE from the problem, i.e. making good of the entire situation so that the original problem is no longer a problem.

For example, let's say you are in debts. What most people would do is to think of ways to clear the debts. However, instead of focusing on how to clear your debts, you should focus on how to get rich! Once you become rich, your existing debts will no longer be a problem. You may argue that clearing debts and getting rich are the same. This is not true. The strategies to clear debts are very different from the strategies to get rich. Just like the strategies to make extra $1000 and $100000 are very different. Thinking of strategies to make extra $1000 to clear your debts may solve your current problem. But the same problem will arise again. On the contrary, once you get rich, your existing debts will become trivial.

Another example. A friend of mine is presently running a loss-making business and he is spending most of his time chasing after bad debts to pay his bills. The total amount of bad debts is about $30000. However, instead of spending his time chasing after the bad debts, he should focus on changing his business model. Once he gets the right business model, he can easily make extra $30000 and many times more. By then, the $30000 bad debts would just be a lesson he has paid to learn.

Ask yourself, how often did you focus on solving your problems. Stop solving problems but advance from the problem. If you take every problem as an opportunity for you to grow or to advance, you will realize that once you advance, you will no longer have to solve the problem.

Look around for the weed in your life now....... How would you get rid of your weed?


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