5 Ways To Protect Yourself Against Internet Scams While Looking to Earn Extra Money

By Tony Shaw

5 Ways To Protect Yourself Against Internet Scams

Many times when searching for a way to earn extra money through business opportunities on the net, people run into numerous scams. These Internet scams make it quite difficult to find a legitimate source of work. Not to mention, they come in all forms.

How can you tell if they are scamming you though? What if it’s just another income opportunity? These questions are valid since there are still many wonderful opportunities out there. Nevertheless, it is still great to know how to spot when a company is scamming you.

1. When you ask direct and pointed questions, they dodged you in other words tap dancing around what you have asked using such flowery language hoping to reel you in or impress you.

2. When you send them an email or give them a phone call, they never return them. This is because they are hiding their badness hoping they will not be found out.

3. They won’t accept credit cards. Some will make up an excuse saying that they do not wish to accept credit cards because of a past bad experience when, in fact, it is quite rare that ever happens. Plus, merchants are willing to take the risks since the use of credit cards allows companies to reach a much vaster pool of clientele.

4. They want you to pay with cashier’s check, money order, bank wire, or Western Union and not accepting any other alternative.

5. They will not let you try out the product or service for any length of time or in any quantity. Or, They will not provide examples of the work they have done. Sometimes, they won’t have a money back guarantee. This is because they don’t want you to see how much they really suck! If their product was that of a quality performance, then they wouldn’t mind showing you examples or allowing you to try out their product or service for a time. They’d be confident that you’d come back for more as a returning customer or that you wouldn’t want your money back.

Now that you have armed yourself with this protective knowledge, the rule of thumb is to watch out for the scammers, and be sure to do extensive research before signing up with anyone or purchasing anything. This is because there are still many people who are dishonest, and they’ll do anything for that buck. Don’t let yourself be their next victim!

Now the reason i've had this article written is to try and protect you valuable customers from these devious scam artists. As i traveled the internet each day i'm constantly amazed at the amount of people who had been scammed in the past and didn't know what to look for when they were researching potential money making opportunities. The biggest warning is "if they want you to pay up front get a second opinion!"

I wish you well in your search to earn extra money and hope that i have helped to educate you in how to protect yourself from some of the potential scams that are traveling around the net today.

Cheers, Tony!


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